What Supplements Are Best for the Keto Diet?

When it comes to the wildly popular high-fat, very-low-carb keto diet, your metabolism is forced to switch from relying on carbs for fuel to instead leaning heavily on fat. In other words, keto shifts the body from being an inefficient carb-burner to an efficient, fat- and ketone-burning machine. Researchers refer to this as “flipping the metabolic switch.”

The body (through a process called “ketogenesis”) creates this “alternate” energy source (from fat) called ketones, which fuel the brain, heart, muscles, and other tissues of the body. This is key because it highlights the fact that there’s a clear link between levels of blood glucose and ketones. In other words, as blood glucose goes down, the body gets into a deeper state of ketosis (higher levels of ketones).

This ramped up process of ketogenesis is how keto gets its name, and what’s nifty about ketones is that they themselves may have a variety of benefits, such as reducing appetite and cravings, boosting energy levels, enhancing cognitive function, clearing brain fog, supporting mitochondria health, and promoting healthy aging, to name a few.

Having said all that, when it comes to keto, improving glycemic control and reducing glycemic variability is the name of the game. After all, the many benefits of the keto diet seem to hinge on “flipping the metabolic switch” and shifting from a carb-burner into a fat- and ketone-burning machine. Along those lines, when it comes to choosing a keto supplement, there are a few things that stand out:

Now that you know what you should be looking for in a keto diet supplement, we are excited to introduce you to IC-5 Carb Management & Keto Supplement.

What Makes IC-5 an Effective Keto Supplement?

If you’re on the keto bandwagon, then you already know the beauty and benefits of keto hinge on “flipping the metabolic switch,” going from an inefficient carb-burner (and fat-storer) to an efficient, fat- and ketone-burning machine. That’s exactly what makes IC-5 an ideal keto diet supplement to supercharge your ketogenic lifestyle and boost your keto diet results.

While most keto supplements focus on providing exogenous ketones, which can actually INHIBIT your body’s OWN production of endogenous ketones, the five evidence-based ingredients in IC-5 keto supplement work hand-in-hand with the ketogenic diet to help you get into ketosis FASTER and more DEEPLY. And when it comes to reaping the benefits of keto—like weight and appetite management, better energy levels, less brain fog, better mental performance, anti-aging, and more—that’s the name of the game.

Here’s how IC-5 keto supplement may help supercharge a ketogenic lifestyle:

In other words, here’s how IC-5 keto diet supplement may help:

Simply put, we believe IC-5 is a must-have keto supplement to make sure you get the most out of your keto lifestyle and all the benefits keto can potentially offer, and we’re confident you’ll agree this is hands down one of the best, most effective keto supplements you’ll ever try.

IC-5 Nutrition & Ingredients

IC-5 is a unique blend of 5 research-backed ingredients shown to support healthy carb management, improved glycemic control, and reduced glycemic variability. In addition to being a keto diet supplement, the ingredients in IC-5 help provide antioxidant protection, support healthy aging, support gut health, and support mitochondria health and function.

Here are five key ingredients in IC-5:

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